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Putting the Parts Together

Assembly is straightforward. See the illustration at right. (A power cord to the pump is omitted for clarity.)

It is not necessary or desirable to use sealant on any of the connections between the various components. One of the virtures of this design is that it is easily disassembled for routine cleaning.

In fact, if a commitment to at least weekly cleaning is not practical then it is best to not install a birdbath.

Additional components not illustrated are a plywood disk for additional support of the catch basin, and a pedestal.

For a pedestal, I used an inverted plastic planter because I had one available. These are a good option because of their light weight, low price and multiple available styles.

It takes about two gallons of water to fill this bath.

I add a capful of Carefree Enzymes Birdbath Protector to the water after each cleaning, to cut down on mineral deposits and contaminants. It's important to emphasize that this product does not eliminate the need for routine cleaning to prevent the spread of avian diseases.

As seen in the video and photo on the previous page, I put a plastic anthurium over the fountain outlet. This serves a couple useful purposes: Its size and shape deflect the water to compensate for fluctuations in flow rate and reduce splash and spray. Its colors are attractive to a number of bird species. Forming the wire-centered stem into a flat coil makes placement simple without the need to attach it to the planter.


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